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Classic Billboard

Vehicle with hollow ascending walls: two-sided display area of 20 square meters.

By means of this basic vehicle, our company can support an advertising campaign  in all 48 urban centers at the same time.

Affichage 3 x 5 m², met een zeer grote impact op de omgeving.
De structuur is van kwalitatief hoogstaande polyester met een geïntegreerd verlichtingssysteem.

Posters measure 3 by 5 square meters, with a huge impact in close proximity.

The structure is made of high-quality polyester with an integrated lighting system.


2 posters per vehicle.

Technical sheet

Dimensions of the posters :
Height : 310 cm
Width : 500 cm

Sides of the vehicle :
Height : 27 cm
Width : 500 cm 

Time of production :

Delivery of the material at the latest 3 or 4 weeks before the start of the campaign.